Patrick Mahomes has to inform Mecole Hardman of overtime rule in order to secure game-winning touchdown

Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman has earned a place in history, but he didn’t realize it at the time of the game-ending touchdown in overtime of Super Bowl LVIII. Hardman caught the winning pass from Patrick Mahomes, but he didn’t know that the Chiefs had won the game. It was only after Mahomes informed him in the end zone that they had just won that Hardman realized the significance of his catch.

The NFL’s playoff overtime rules are not well-known, and this includes the rule that ensures both teams have a possession even if one team scores a touchdown. This was the first game played under these new rules, and it was a close call between the two teams. The Chiefs were leading 28-24 when they scored another touchdown to take their lead to 34-24 with just seconds remaining on the clock. But the Panthers refused to give up and scored a touchdown of their own to tie things up at 34-34.

It was then that overtime kicked in, and both teams took turns trying to score another touchdown. Hardman finally got his chance when Mahomes threw him a pass that ended the game and gave the Chiefs a 35-31 victory. However, Hardman had no idea that he had scored the winning touchdown until Mahomes informed him in the end zone. He didn’t even celebrate initially, which made for a funny moment after the game when Mahomes shared his story on NFL Network.

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