Marko Mišić, a Croatian man who spent his entire career as a craftsman working abroad before returning to his homeland, passed away at the age of 68 on November 14, 2023. He was severely beaten on October 12 while trying to prevent wood thieves from stealing from his forest in Brezica. The attack left him with severe brain, lung, and rib injuries that remained critical throughout his time in the hospital.

Marko’s funeral took place on November 18 at the local cemetery in Brezici and was attended by many well-wishers. He was remembered as a hardworking, honest, and pious man by the parish guardian and priest Fr. Anto Tomas. Born on July 2, 1955 to Joza and Kate in Brezici, Marko married Lucija Andrijanić on May 22, 1977 and had three children with her. Together they had five grandchildren. Marko spent most of his career working abroad before returning home in 2008 to rebuild his house.

Two suspects have been taken into custody for their role in the assault that led to Marko’s death. One of them is a minor and will be legally sanctioned for their actions. The local community is mourning the loss of such a dedicated and hardworking individual who always put others before himself.

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