Treasury Secretary Yellen Visits Detroit to Emphasize Small Business Support

In Detroit, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will be attending several events to promote the Biden administration’s support for small businesses in Michigan and across the US. This visit comes at a critical time for President Biden as he recently received both support and opposition during a campaign stop in Warren, where he spoke at a United Auto Workers hall just a week after the union endorsed him for the 2024 election. Meanwhile, protesters demonstrated outside, calling for restricted military aid to Israel and a ceasefire in Gaza.

During her visit to Detroit, Yellen will be accompanied by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer at the Detroit Economic Club. She will also tour Michigan Central and join a roundtable with U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow and local entrepreneurs to highlight the administration’s efforts in small business growth. The visit will celebrate what the administration terms as a “small business boom” in the US economy, with 16 million new business applications being filed in the first three years of the administration. Yellen has made similar visits to Illinois and Wisconsin, and her last visit to Michigan was in September 2022 when she delivered remarks at Ford’s Rouge Electric Vehicle Center.

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