As the holiday season approaches, we are reminded of the importance of giving and togetherness. The most valuable gift we can give someone is our time and attention, and this is exactly what the special holiday edition of Kraševih smyčka is calling for.

In this edition, Kraš has collaborated with a group of talented individuals from different parts of Croatia to create special packages that bring Christmas motifs for cutting out and can be made into Christmas decorations. This project, called Sonda Design By People, brought together well-known brands and Sonda’s Creative Center to invite all interested individuals to join the creation of market-relevant products.

The result was a collection of beautifully designed packaging for popular Kraš products such as Dorina, Winter praline, Kolumba, Mini Tortica, Kids Mix, Moto keksa, and Domaćica. These products have always been a favorite holiday gift, but in this year’s edition they have an extra special design that was created through the Sonda Design By People project. Creative people from all over Croatia worked on these designs under the mentorship of Studio Sonda.

As part of the uKRAŠI holiday line, there were other activities planned in Kraš as well. One particularly exciting event was the cooperation with the humanitarian association Ljude za ljude (People for People), whose users will be made even more beautiful during the holidays through various activities organized by Kraš.

The youngest visitors will be able to make greeting cards in a special corner all next week at Kraš’s premises. These cards will then be distributed to Ljude za ljude’s users who often do not even have basic conditions for life. Through campaigns and donations, Ljude za ljude tries to provide them with what they need to have a life worthy of a human being. This is precisely why help is important to them and they are happy to cooperate with Kraš because together they can brighten up the holidays for those who really need it.

In addition to providing gift packages and donations to Ljude za ljude, Kraš also donated funds specifically for putting their vehicles into service for visiting people in need throughout Croatia during this holiday season. This kind gesture will certainly make a big difference in many lives during this magical time of year when giving back is key!

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