António Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations, has expressed deep concern over the recent massacre of civilians in the Gaza Strip. In an address to the Security Council, he called for a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians as a way to bring peace to the region. Guterres stated that the current situation, which has resulted in thousands of children losing their lives due to Israeli military action, is a humanitarian crisis that must be addressed urgently.

Guterres emphasized that there can be no lasting peace without an end to violations of international law and a humanitarian ceasefire. He also called for Hamas to release all hostages currently being held captive by them. In addition, he envisioned a future where the Palestinian Authority assumes greater responsibility for governance in both Gaza and the West Bank. This transition period must be facilitated by international intervention to ensure progress towards a two-state solution.

The Secretary General stressed that establishing a UN-supervised “protectorate” was not a viable solution and urged all parties involved to take responsibility for creating lasting peace in the region. He warned that this was a critical moment for both Israelis and Palestinians and emphasized that deliberate efforts were needed to make meaningful changes towards lasting peace.

In conclusion, António Guterres has expressed his grave concern over the massacre of civilians in Gaza and has called for urgent action from all parties involved to bring about lasting peace in the region through a two-state solution.

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