World War II-era discovery found near Florida airport by construction crew

In the vicinity of Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport (BKV), a construction crew stumbled upon a piece of history while working on the construction of Wilton Simpson Technical College. The area around BKV, which is now a civilian airport, was once used as the Brooksville Army Airfield from 1942 to 1947.

The discovery of an inert World War II-era bomb was made by the crew, which sparked curiosity and concern among locals. However, due to the bomb’s condition – being so rusted and decayed – it is difficult to determine with certainty whether it is live or inert. Sheriff Al Nienhuis explained that since the bomb has deteriorated so much over time, it’s impossible to accurately determine its status without further examination.

On Tuesday, bomb experts from Citrus County and MacDill Air Force Base were called upon to examine the bomb and confirm its status as inert. Their findings confirmed what the local authorities had suspected: the bomb was harmless and safe for removal from the site.

The Brooksville Army Airfield played a significant role during World War II as a training ground for pilots and ground crews, including those specialized in bomb squadrons. MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa and Drew Army Airfield also played key roles in this training process. This historic significance makes the discovery of an inert bomb at BKV all the more noteworthy, reminding us of our country’s rich military history.

As part of their ongoing efforts to preserve history for future generations, local authorities are carefully removing the bomb from its current location at BKV while taking every precaution necessary to ensure public safety.

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