The High Cost of Long-Haul, Business-Class Flights Doesn’t Justify the Expense

I recently experienced the luxurious 12-hour business-class flight from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand. Business-class seats on this route typically cost an astronomical $6,000, but the experience was beyond my expectations. However, despite its extravagance, I couldn’t justify paying such a high price again in the near future.

As someone who always yearns for flying first-class or business-class, the allure of additional space, delectable cuisine, and unlimited champagne is irresistible. Every time I book a flight, I find myself reminiscing about the luxurious experiences that these premium cabins offer. But the truth is that my budget has its limitations, and splurging on such opulent flights is usually out of the question.

My perspective on premium air travel changed significantly in summer 2021 when Air New Zealand invited me to their headquarters for a tour of their redesigned cabins. This opportunity allowed me to experience business class for the first time during my journey from Los Angeles to Auckland. The 12-hour flight was nothing short of breathtakingly luxurious, and while every moment was precious, I knew it would be some time before I could afford such indulgence again.

By Samantha Johnson

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