Meloni: “Division in the European elections would benefit the left”

The upcoming electoral campaign presents a challenge for the center-right, as it is crucial not to let internal conflicts overshadow the possibility of division within the coalition. Prime Minister Meloni has emphasized the importance of unity within the governing alliance, which consists of three distinct forces from different political families. Recent events involving Identity and Democracy in Rome have highlighted the need for cooperation within the coalition, with League leader Salvini criticizing France and expressing no support for von der Leyen.

Meloni has also stressed the need to present a united front in Europe and confirmed that the government intends to participate in the upcoming election. The issue of supporting von der Leyen was discussed, with Meloni emphasizing that building a majority that supports the president of the commission is key. Other political leaders also weighed in on the matter, highlighting the importance of unity within the coalition and focusing on governance rather than internal conflicts.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister acknowledged that controversial alliances are not beneficial for center-right voters, and they should avoid such situations while still maintaining a strong center-right government. Salvini’s comments on Macron were noted but did not detract from their overall goal to maintain a strong center-right alliance in Europe. Ultimately, it is essential to prioritize presenting a united front and working towards common goals in order to succeed in upcoming elections.

In summary, Prime Minister Meloni has urged against internal conflicts within the coalition, emphasizing unity as key to success. It is crucial for all members of the governing alliance to put aside their differences and work together towards common goals in Europe’s upcoming election season.

By Samantha Johnson

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