One Computer and Technology Stock That Might Boost Your Portfolio

If you’re new to investing, building a portfolio from scratch can seem daunting. To begin, consider focusing on stocks that are projected to outperform the market in the next year, as this strategy has been shown to produce strong returns. One great stock to consider for your portfolio is Nvidia (NVDA).

Nvidia is a global leader in visual computing technologies and is credited with inventing the graphic processing unit (GPU). While initially focused on PC graphics, the company has since expanded its offerings to include artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that support high performance computing (HPC), gaming, and virtual reality (VR) platforms.

NVDA was added to the Zacks Focus List in May 2019 at $39.13 per share and has since seen its value increase by 2309.63% to $942.89. With 15 analysts revising their earnings estimates upwards for fiscal 2025 in the last 60 days, the Zacks Consensus Estimate for NVDA has risen to $23.80, an increase of $3.85. The company has a solid track record of beating earnings estimates, with an average surprise of 20.2%.

Analysts are forecasting an 83.6% growth in Nvidia’s earnings for the current fiscal year. Given that stock prices usually respond to changes in earnings estimates, investing in a stock like NVDA from the Focus List can be a lucrative opportunity

By Samantha Johnson

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