The state of Texas has the highest prevalence of alcoholism in the United States.

The study from has identified Texas as the state with the highest risk of alcoholism, with a lack of health insurance and formal schooling among its residents being major contributing factors. California and Florida ranked second and third in the study, with similar issues leading to their high risk of alcoholism.

Despite having a high GDP, economic prosperity does not necessarily lower a state’s risk of alcoholism, according to the study. This highlights the complexity of alcoholism risks in the U.S., which are influenced by a range of societal factors in addition to economic prosperity. Serene Gato from emphasized this point, stating that addressing underlying societal factors is crucial in reducing the risk of alcoholism.

The full ranking revealed Texas, California, and Florida as the top three states with the highest risk of alcoholism, followed by Nevada, New York, Louisiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Mississippi. It is important for policymakers and healthcare providers to address these underlying factors in order to effectively prevent and treat alcoholism in these states.

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