Concerns Over Gambling Addiction Raised by Experts More Than a Year After Ohio Legalized Sports Betting

Ohioans are passionate about sports and their local teams, whether at the collegiate level or with professional teams like the Cavaliers and the Guardians. The legalization of sports betting in Ohio has proven lucrative for betting and gaming companies, with Ohioans placing over $7 billion in bets. However, there have also been some consequences of this new opportunity.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission has reported over $1 million in fines to gaming companies for violations involving advertising and promotions. On the flip side, a recent survey showed that the number of Ohioans with gambling addiction has tripled since 2017. This increase in gambling addiction is a concerning trend that is being further explored and discussed.

During Tuesday’s “Sound of Ideas” discussion, the focus will be on diving deeper into these statistics and exploring how the past year of legal sports gambling has impacted the region, especially for those struggling with addiction. The guests for this discussion will include Michael Buzzelli, Associate Director of the Problem Gambling Network of Ohio, Nabil Pervaiz, Manager of Prevention Services at Recovery Resources in Cleveland, Ed G., a Compulsive Gambler in Recovery with the Area 10 Gamblers Anonymous organization, Joe Messner, a Licensed Clinician at Ana Zao Community Partners in Wooster, and Joe Scalzo, a Reporter at Crain’s Cleveland.

By Samantha Johnson

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