Accommodation at Wacken Festival is out of reach for first responders

Preparations are currently underway in Kaltenkirchen for the annual Wacken Festival, the world’s largest Heavy Metal Festival. However, the volunteer rescuers from the German Red Cross (DRK) are facing a challenge as they urgently require caravans to have a place to rest and sleep during the event. Typically, caravan owners have offered their vehicles at a reasonable price in the past, but this year some are demanding exorbitant sums like 2,000 euros per week. This steep increase in rental costs is posing a problem for the volunteer rescuers who work tirelessly to provide medical care to around 120,000 people during the festival.

The caravans are crucial for operational management at the Wacken Hospital, an establishment run by the German Red Cross on the festival grounds. These volunteer rescuers handle a wide range of medical emergencies, including dehydration, hypothermia, sprains, cuts, burns, colds, bladder infections, and more. They work around the clock to ensure the safety and well-being of festival attendees. It is important to note that the caravans will only be used for resting and sleeping, and they will be located in a designated area separate from the festival itself.

J├╝rgen Schumacher, chairman of local German Red Cross association has appealed for help from anyone who can provide caravans for these volunteer rescuers. Interested individuals should contact him directly to offer their assistance. The community support and generosity will be greatly appreciated by these dedicated volunteer rescuers who work tirelessly to ensure everyone attending Wacken Festival’s safety and well-being

By Samantha Johnson

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