The latest business news from Wellesley, Mass.:

White’s Bakery sign removed from Playhouse Square on Washington Street.

The White’s Bakery sign at Playhouse Square on Washington Street went up in 2018, and the eatery opened in spring of 2019 before closing about a year later during the summer of 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the signs at 380 Washington St. have outlasted the business by several years and were recently removed. The space that housed a bank before the bakery could be anything.

Sleek Salon sign removed from Wellesley Hills location.

The sign for Sleek Salon at 245 Washington St. in Wellesley Hills has been taken down. The space below Yama restaurant has housed other salons in the past.

Roof deck not planned to be a party place.

We were excited when we heard plans to add a roof deck at 112 Worcester St., in the Park 9 complex, but Andrew Cohen, an architect for Synergy Private Health, informed us that it is “certainly not planned to be a party place.” Instead, it will be used as a space for “rest and relaxation,” with demonstrations of herbs and plants grown there for medicinal and wellness purposes. Despite our initial excitement, it was approved by the Wellesley Design Review Board.

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