Eurostat News Reports that 41% of Scientists and Engineers Are Women in Employment

In 2022, the number of female scientists and engineers in the EU increased by 310,500 compared to 2021, reaching a total of almost 7.3 million. This accounts for 41% of all employment in science and engineering. Among those employed as scientists and engineers, women were primarily found in the service sector, making up 46% of this sector’s workforce. In contrast, only 22% of scientists and engineers working in manufacturing were women.

The proportion of female scientists and engineers varied widely across EU member states in 2022, ranging from 53% in Denmark, Lithuania (52%) and Bulgaria (51%) to just 31% in Hungary, Finland (32%) and Germany (34%).

According to data from regions at NUTS1 level, the highest shares of women employed in science and technology occupations were observed in Lithuania (64.1%), the French region of Corse (63.9%) and Latvia (62.7%). On the other hand, the regions with the smallest proportions of females employed in science and technology were recorded in Italy’s Nord-Ovest region (45.3%), Malta (45.8%) and Italy’s Sud region (46.1%).

This news item marks International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11th each year.

In conclusion, while there has been progress towards gender equality within science and engineering fields over the past year, there is still much work to be done to ensure that women are equally represented across all sectors within this broad concept.

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