South Philadelphia Sports Complex hosting WWE event this weekend

The WWE’s influence on the entertainment industry is undeniable, and it’s no surprise that Michael Sulkes, the General Manager of the Wells Fargo Center, is a lifelong fan. He fondly remembers attending WrestleMania XV at the Wells Fargo Center in 1999, which sparked his love for professional wrestling.

Fast forward to present day, and the WWE has grown exponentially. The event now takes place across multiple nights at different venues, with three sold-out events happening at the Wells Fargo Center and its surrounding areas. With approximately 17,000 people expected to attend each show at the Wells Fargo Center, arena President Phil Lawes estimates that about 6,000 fans have purchased tickets for all three events.

Michael Sulkes is thrilled to see how much the WWE has evolved over the years and believes that this growth will have a significant impact on Philadelphia during WrestleMania weekend. He anticipates that the event will showcase just how big of a deal the WWE is and is excited for the city to be taken over in the best possible way.

Despite attending WrestleMania XV 25 years ago at the same venue, Michael Sulkes is still filled with excitement for the upcoming shows at the Wells Fargo Center. To accommodate fans and minimize traffic congestion around South Philadelphia Sports Complex, SEPTA has added additional services on Broad Street Line and Regional Rail routes. The WWE also hosts WWE World at WrestleMania at Pennsylvania Convention Center until Monday as part of WrestleMania weekend.

Overall, Michael Sulkes sees these events as an opportunity for Philadelphia to come together and enjoy some of their favorite wrestlers while also promoting tourism in their city.

By Samantha Johnson

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