Sheboygan’s Young Entrepreneur’s Candy Business Gaining Recognition

11-year-old Truman McNitt has gained notoriety across the state as the youngest finalist in a Junior Achievement Young Entrepreneur Competition. His journey began with a cotton candy maker his mom bought for fun, which sparked an idea to start selling cotton candy. Today, McNitt offers a diverse range of cotton candy flavors and even spins it live at events as part of his Sugar Twist Trinkets enterprise.

Despite being so young, McNitt takes his business seriously and understands the responsibility that comes with being an 11-year-old entrepreneur. His mother, Caitlin Brotz-McNitt, plays a supportive role in her son’s business venture, offering guidance, encouragement, and retail space in her store Olivü in downtown Sheboygan. In addition to selling cotton candy, McNitt also offers toy slime and freeze-dried candy, the latter of which he finds to have a delightful texture thanks to the freeze-drying process.

As an expert in all things sweet, McNitt enjoys sampling new products and experimenting with different flavors. He takes great pleasure in creating cotton candy and freeze-dried candy and ensures that he has fun while running his business. Apart from selling his products at his mom’s store, he also has an online presence where customers can purchase his sweet treats.

By Samantha Johnson

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