Nate Tice & Zero Blitz Present: Live First Round Mock Draft

The 2024 NFL Draft is just around the corner, and Zero Blitz with Jason Fitz and Nate Tice are gearing up for the big event with a live first-round mock draft on the show. In their latest episode, the hosts kick things off by discussing the latest NFL news, including rule changes from the owner’s meetings and the Tennessee Titans’ acquisition of CB L’Jarius Sneed.

Fitz and Nate share their thoughts on a range of topics, including the new ban on hip drop tackles, additional coach’s challenges, and more. As they discuss these topics, they also give insights into what they believe will happen in the upcoming draft.

Moving on to the mock draft itself, Fitz and Nate take turns making picks in the first round. Some of their most debated selections include Rome Odunze going to the Chicago Bears, Brock Bowers joining the Los Angeles Rams, Bo Nix joining Tampa Bay Buccaneers and more. They cover picks 1-16 before moving onto picks 17-32.

The hosts provide valuable analysis behind each of their picks, explaining why they believe certain players are good fits for certain teams. They also discuss some of the key trends that they expect to see in this year’s draft class.

As a tribute to Terez Paylor who was a key figure in NFL editorial and podcast coverage at Yahoo Sports , Zero Blitz honors his legacy by encouraging fans to purchase an “All-Juice Team” hoodie or tee from with profits going towards Terez A Paylor scholarship at Howard University . Fans can also make direct donations to PowerMizzou Journalism Alumni Scholarship in memory of Terez Paylor or Howard University by mentioning Terez A Paylor Scholarship .

By Samantha Johnson

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