By Kaity Kempf | LTVN Reporter

When I initially came to college, I had a list of college supplies I necessary to be completely ready for courses. There’s the apparent: notebooks, pencils, erasers, highlighters and the list goes on. In addition to these, I knew there was one particular factor I certainly necessary a lot more than something else. The holy grail for college students — a personal computer.

I went up to the shop, purchased myself the highly-priced device, and I felt ready for college. My freshman year, I employed my laptop all the time in class. I would take notes and retain up with ease. Now I’m a junior, and I obtain myself hardly ever making use of my laptop in class at the requests of my professors.

I comprehend the logic behind not making use of computer systems in class. They are a distraction to some, and other folks go as far to say you can retain information and facts far better by taking notes by hand. It sounds best in theory, but virtually, taking notes digitally is by far the far better alternative.

When I take notes by hand, I obtain myself not getting in a position to catch up. Some could possibly be in a position to, but for me, writing by hand is tough to do swiftly and with a lot of information and facts in class. My notes are a lot more messy mainly because I’m so worried about obtaining all of the information and facts, I do not have time to organize it.

I also obtain myself obtaining so frustrated maintaining up with my handwritten notes in the course of lectures, I finish up taking images of the slides to later attempt and take notes on a lecture that occurred hours ago. The notes have been never ever as thorough as the ones I took on my personal computer.

In addition to this, the concept that all college students should have laptops is absurd if we are then asked to not use them. It does not make sense financially. If we are asked to not use them by professors, I think it is only fair to upload the slides on Canvas so students can comply with along in the course of the lecture.

Absolutely everyone has their preference when it comes to taking notes, but I think we shouldn’t be restricted on the type of media we take notes on. Let’s give computer systems one more possibility in the classroom.

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