Baltimore bridge collision: Crew of stranded ship rescued with warning

The container ship that collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore was previously disabled, but the crew’s quick action saved lives. Governor Wes Brown of Maryland praised the crew for sending out a distress signal and warning of the impending collision, preventing a major disaster. Governor Brown commended them as heroes who had saved lives.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after being struck by a nearly 300-meter-long container ship. The FBI has ruled out any possibility of the collision being a terrorist attack. Rescuers recovered two individuals from the Patapsco River, with one in serious condition and six others still missing. The collapse of the bridge has halted traffic in the Port of Baltimore, disrupting the flow of goods and potentially causing delays and increased costs.

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Experts anticipate bottlenecks and increased delays as a result of the bridge closure, which poses significant challenges for transportation in Baltimore Harbor. With 11.5 million vehicles passing through annually, its closure will impact various goods transportation such as cars, coal, and sugar.

In conclusion, both incidents have disrupted trade flows in Baltimore Harbor significantly. While rescuers were able to save lives following the container ship collision with the bridge, it is crucial to ensure that similar incidents do not happen again in future years.

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