Jon Stewart Returns and Shares Candid Thoughts on Biden’s Age

Jon Stewart has returned to “The Daily Show,” and he couldn’t be happier. On his first day back, he wasted no time in celebrating the occasion and dedicating much of his monologue to President Joe Biden’s age. While he made it clear that he is skeptical of the praise that Biden’s allies have bestowed upon him, Stewart also pointed out the many ways in which the current president differs from his opponent.

One of the main topics Stewart touched on was Biden’s press-conference gaffes and TikTok videos, which have become a source of amusement for many people. However, Stewart also referenced the deeply unflattering special-counsel report that has called Biden’s memory into question. This has made their ages a hot topic once again.

Despite this, Stewart made it clear that he sees Biden as vastly different from Trump in terms of both character and policy. He criticized Trump for his legal troubles, which are well-documented and numerous. In fact, Stewart seemed to feel that as the stakes of the election are so high, it’s important to scrutinize both candidates even more heavily.

Overall, Stewart’s return to “The Daily Show” is sure to be met with excitement by fans of his work. With his sharp opinions and critical observations about both candidates, he is guaranteed to provide viewers with plenty of food for thought as they prepare for one of the most important elections in recent history.

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