Lynna Clark: Inept with new technologies

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 18, 2023

By Lynna Clark

I’m type of clumsy when it comes to social graces. Like Don Rickles on the Andy Griffith Show, I’m rather inept. To me, people today are scary … downright intimidating. Having said that, for 20 years I worked at the front workplace of a modest college. All day lengthy I dealt with people today. I was a small bit superior at that. I assume simply because I could assist them rapidly and they’d be on their way with out also a lot of words. If I had to make a telephone contact, I discovered to practice what I would say beforehand. Even now, I do the very same. Like final week I required to verify on strawberry plants at the neighborhood nursery. In my head, I had the concerns prepared but when a gruff old dude answered, my words came out “blah blah blahder berrydo have you some?” Also “what is the time of which you shall be closed?” I sounded like Yoda but not as intelligent. Possibly that is why I create.


It turns out I’m not genuine savvy with the technologies speak either. A person was attempting to contact whilst I was listening to a Marco message from Permaculture Daughter. I believed I could just hit the orange button that popped up to see who was calling. But somehow I got Google assistant who stated, “Attempt saying, ‘Remind me to take out the garbage.’ ” So I hit that button attempting to get rid of her because my cell was nevertheless ringing and Marco was nevertheless playing. Of course Google Lady stated, “OK! I will remind you at 9 o’clock tonight to take out your garbage.” She seemed so pleased to assist that I hated to disappoint her. With no practicing, gently I stated, “No Google Lady. Do NOT remind me about the garbage to be out at 9 o’clock.”

Bless her heart. I assume she was attempting her finest, but she informed me in her incredibly-pleased-to-be-of-service voice. “OK! I will remind you NOT to take out the garbage at 9 o’clock.” So I gave up on her and hurried to answer my incoming contact. But alas. They have been gone. So I continued the tour of my daughter’s backyard garden on Marco. At least I’m savvy adequate to send her a nicely-deserved thumbs up, heart and content face. I’m certain she was impressed. Plus! No words have been harmed in the method.

Sadly, the contact I missed was a thing from a desperate prince who demands dollars. I’ll have to catch up with him later. Possibly I’ll just text him so I can program my words. I certain do not want to insult the royalty which is certainly him by misspeaking. But 1st, I may well ought to take a nap. I have a contact scheduled previous my bedtime to remind me NOT to take out the trash.

Lord assist me!

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight O Lord my Strength and my Redeemer.”

— Psalm 19:14

Lynna Clark lives in Salisbury. Study a lot more at


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