Response from Central Chamber of Commerce Board to CEO and AKT Social Media Dispute.

The Central Chamber of Commerce issued a statement on Monday addressing the labor market crisis that had been sparked by a message from Juho Romakkaniemi, CEO of the organization. This move was unusual for the chamber, as they typically remain silent in labor market disputes. The statement addressed the ongoing disagreement between Romakkaniemi and Ismo Kokko of the AKT union, which began when Romakkaniemi urged SAK members to resign from their union and join the General Unemployment Fund instead.

The dispute led to a termination of banking cooperation between the OP Group, where Romakkaniemi is connected as CEO, and Kokko suggested that Romakkaniemi was being instructed by Timo Ritakallio, CEO of the OP Group and chairman of the Central Chamber of Commerce. However, the board emphasized that employees have a right to make their own decisions about whether or not to join unions and urged both sides to find a way forward that supports economic growth.

Ritakallio commented on the situation, stating that it was important to find a solution that builds trust in the Finnish labor market and supports economic growth. He stressed that both perspectives needed to be considered in order to create a more stable future. During his tenure as CEO since 2017, Romakkaniemi has worked to increase the organization’s role in social debates and change its public image.

The Central Chamber of Commerce’s board highlighted the importance of respecting employees’ statutory rights and freedoms while also emphasizing the need for agreement in future labor disputes. While their statement did not directly address the social media dispute between Romakkaniemi and Kokko, it indicated a desire to move forward in a constructive manner for

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