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In recent years, technological advancements have transformed the surgical procedure for hip and knee joint transplantation. These technologies have made the process more precise, safe, less invasive, and easier for patients, allowing them to quickly return to their daily routines. From pre-operative planning to post-operative care, these technologies are used throughout the entire process.

One innovation that has revolutionized the surgery is precise preoperative planning. This involves advanced imaging tests to create a virtual three-dimensional reconstruction of the damaged joint. With this technology, surgeons can study the joint structure and make accurate measurements for fitting implants before surgery. Technologies such as 3D printing of joint models help in preparing for surgery and ensure implant accuracy.

During surgery, sensors on the patient’s leg transmit data to a computer, allowing surgeons to work with maximum precision. Robotic arms ensure that the surgery proceeds according to plan and stop if any deviations are detected. Surgical approaches have also evolved to preserve soft tissues and reduce post-operative pain, contributing to faster rehabilitation.

Implants like those from the “Cementals” family are made of titanium, allowing bones to grow into them after fixation. This ensures durability and longevity of the implant and reduces rejection risk by the body. Post-operative rehabilitation has also improved with patients being able to stand and walk shortly after surgery and often discharged home on the same day.

Overall, these advancements have led to a revolution in hip and knee replacement surgeries, providing patients with faster recovery times, reduced pain levels, and increased independence following surgery.

Dr. Vadim Bankowitz emphasizes how these technologies are crucial in improving joint replacement surgeries: “These technological advancements have significantly improved our ability to perform hip and knee replacements safely and effectively,” he says.

By Samantha Johnson

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