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Public health is a critical aspect of modern life that is often overlooked, underfunded, and undervalued. Despite its importance, many people do not understand the significance of public health or the work of those who protect it. The Invisible Shield is a four-part documentary series that sheds light on this important topic by showcasing the work of thousands of unsung heroes in the field.

Each episode focuses on a different aspect of public health and highlights how these individuals have collaborated to improve health outcomes and prevent disease. The first episode, titled “The Old Playbook,” explores how public health has doubled life expectancy but faces threats that could jeopardize its effectiveness. The second episode, “Follow the Data,” delves into the essential role of data in public health efforts throughout history.

Episode three, “Inoculation & Inequity,” addresses issues such as disinformation, skepticism of science, and distrust of government that impact public health initiatives. Finally, the fourth episode, “The New Playbook,” questions how we can rethink public health systems to prevent declining life expectancy. A discussion guide is provided with each episode to facilitate conversations in classrooms, community settings, homeschooling or individual exploration.

Throughout the series, viewers will be inspired by powerful quotes from experts and thought-provoking questions designed to promote critical thinking and broader insights into the world of public health. Overall, The Invisible Shield provides an eye-opening look at the importance of public health and offers insights into how we can improve our systems to ensure better outcomes for all.

By Samantha Johnson

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