WhatsApp introduces new feature allowing users to customize photo backgrounds and styles using generative AI

The photo editing features of WhatsApp are being enhanced with the use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. One such feature is the ability to replace your background with another image and transform your style based on user descriptions. Meta, in recent months, has also developed new tools based on AI that create images from text and allows users to create stickers for messaging applications.

The company has announced plans to incorporate two additional tools based on AI for image editing using EMU technology on Instagram. These features include Restyle, which applies visual styles based on a description, and Backdrop, which allows users to modify their background based on their instructions. These features are expected to be introduced soon and have already been incorporated into the latest version for Android.

The latest version of WhatsApp for Android now includes a new button in the photo sending interface that offers options such as cropping, rotating the photo, adding stickers and text, using the drawing tool, and more. Along with options for sending photo quality and enlarging images, new features for background modification, style changes, and resizing images have been incorporated.

It remains unclear if these features will also be available for iOS devices in the future. However, it is clear that WhatsApp is committed to improving its photo editing capabilities by incorporating AI technology into its platform.

By Samantha Johnson

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