Novak Djokovic Thanks Coach Goran Ivanisevic as They Part Ways, World No. 1 Grateful for Support

Novak Djokovic has announced that he and coach Goran Ivanisevic have decided to part ways after six successful years working together. Ivanisevic joined Djokovic’s team in 2018 and played a crucial role in helping Djokovic win his 24 Grand Slam singles titles. The split was not an easy decision for both parties, but they have decided to go their separate ways.

Ivanisevic is credited with helping Djokovic significantly improve his serve, leading to his dominant performances in Grand Slam events. Djokovic took to Instagram to announce the news and express his gratitude to Ivanisevic for their time together. He fondly remembered inviting Ivanisevic to be part of his team and the incredible success they achieved together, including multiple Grand Slam victories.

Despite the split, Djokovic remains the current world No. 1 in the rankings. However, he has faced challenges in 2024 with losses in the Australian Open semi-final and a second-round exit at Indian Wells. As Djokovic enters the clay-court season, he will do so without Ivanisevic by his side. The 36-year-old tennis star will now look to continue his success on the court without his longtime coach.

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By Samantha Johnson

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